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An app that helps you eat more veggies, save money - and the planet.


Sustainable meal plans

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What's all this Then!?

Weekly meal plans

Each week you'll receive a handcrafted, sustainable meal plan with 4 delicious vegetarian recipes that use seasonal and local vegetables. Be gone “What’s for Dinner?” stress!

Sustainable recipes

A vegetarian diet halves your food's impact on the planet. That's huge, and that's why all of our recipes are plant-based. On top of that, ingredients are shared across our recipes so nothing is left over. Maximise the variety of your food while minimising the cost of your shopping and waste? Yes, please!

Easy shopping

No more aspirational shopping and gone off ingredients! We include a ready-made shopping list which takes all of the hassles out of providing for your family. It helps you save time, money and the planet. Oh, and your pantry grows with us, so week to week you just check off everything you already have making things easier and easier.

We donate 50% of profits

We think business should be done differently. So we donate 50% of our profits to other climate-positive projects. The more we grow the bigger the impact we have together.  
About us
Feeds was founded by two friends, BM and Bernard. BM's experience switching to a more sustainable diet sparked the idea to create something that would make eating sustainably easier and supportive. Bernard, with his experience in sustainable cooking was immediately hooked on the idea and began crafting meal plans for BM and his family.

Feeds is a small, independent Irish company who think business should be done differently; with a purpose.